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Crowdfund an actual start-up, not a white paper. This is a series A investment through the blockchain.

Pressco is a fully-operational business perfect for every community and organization seeking to sell its personalized clothing and merchandise. Pressco solves the problems communities face when starting their own apparel and product line through reducing their initial costs to ABSOLUTE ZERO.

How Pressco Works

We do everything it takes to make a community’s identity visible to the market, from creation to delivery and customer support.

How large is the market?

While Pressco offers value to any type of business wishing to sell custom apparel and merchandise, some of the biggest markets include charitable organizations and the fitness industry. The fitness apparel industry alone is projected to reach a market value of 184.6 billion USD by 2020. Traditional promotional merchandise’s two largest markets include the U.S. with 22.9 billion USD (2016) and Europe with 15.7 billion EUR (2016) in market value.

Charity organisations

The thousands of charity groups around the world attract millions of passionate followers. Branded clothing and merchandise offers a perfect way to raise awareness and create valuable funds to achieve goals.

Sports Communities

Sports teams and even single players are often followed by tons of fans who are eager to support them. Apparel is one of the most popular ways to celebrate their favorite teams.


Bands, singer-songwriters, actors, and artists help unite some of the biggest communities around the world. Meanwhile, many only have simple t-shirts with just their single logo to offer. Maybe it’s time for a change? Pressco has the solution.

Live events

Events often attract massive crowds and organizers often need to provide customized merchandise in huge quantities. This can be done with minimal efforts and create greater profits using Pressco.


Every brand holds potential to benefit from personalized clothing and merchandise. The problem lies in the resources available to create and manage effective e-shops and products. It’s time for an easier solution!


Custom merchandise is a universal tool useful for motivating employees, welcoming newcomers, and creating deeper connections with clients. With Pressco’s online platform, companies can distribute their branded merchandise without even needing to touch it.

How Pressco saves time for clients

Without Pressco

Without Pressco, you need to build and maintain your e-shop, create designs, manage advertising, product manufacturing, shipping, and customer support. It will also take longer to launch.

week 1

week 2

week 3

create designs

create an online shop

manage advertising

manage shipping

customer support


With Pressco

With Pressco, focus on your strategy: improving user experience, expanding into new markets quickly, and launching revenue-generating products.

day 1

day 2

day 3


set up





Pressco Token

Pressco will issue a blockchain ERC20 token named 'PRO'.

The 'PRO' token is an ERC20 ethereum-based token, guaranteeing transparency and efficient distribution.

Token burning

Every quarter, Pressco will publish an official audit of the company. 20% of the company’s profits will be converted into a cryptocurrency and used to purchase and burn 'PRO' tokens.

Limited hard cap - only 7000 ETH

Why aren’t you raising at least 50k, or more ETH like other teams? Well, we still believe in the fundamentals of economics. Most companies don’t need that much capital in the early stages, nor do we.

Find out when we launch

Our ICO date is not that far away. Subscribe to our newsletter and social media channels to be the first one to get the news.

60 shops


Markets: France, Germany, Lithuania, Estonia, Canada, Belgium
Products: Traditional mechanise products
Segments: Charity organisations, Internet communities
IT: Basic e-commerce platform for clients
Manufacturing: Built clothing manufacturing facility

200 shops

2018 Q1 - Q2

Markets: + United Kingdom, Italy, Poland, Scandinavian countries
Products: + Customisable fitness and leisure clothing collections
Segments: + Individual internet marketers, YouTube channels, Bloggers, Graphic artists, Sports clubs, Fitness trainers
IT: + Developed API plugins for Shopify, Woocommerce and other web platforms
Manufacturing: + Sewing and sublimation machinery for sports, leisure clothing

420 shops

2018 Q3 - Q4

Markets: + USA, Canada, Australia, South Korea
Products: + Researching of new materials and constantly developing current clothing products
Segments: + Schools, Universities, Festivals, Large gatherings and events
IT: + E-commerce platform allowing clients to create their own community shops and add their products using our manufacturing facility
Manufacturing: + Additional machinery to fulfill a scaling of the business

2500 shops

2019 Q1 - Q4

Markets: Worldwide
Products: + Finished custom sewed fitness and leisure clothing lines which allow for mainstream adaptation
Segments: + Enterprises, Large influencers
IT: + Constant improvements and development of PRESSCO platform
Manufacturing: + Automating manufacturing facility which is directly connected to all e-commerce stores

Pressco Team

Deividas Daubaris

6 years of intense B2B sales and team-leading experience. Previously founded social media agency and launched successful private label products in the largest marketplaces.

Eimantas Balciunas

Organized numerous conferences and worked in world’s biggest show events as a media representative. Before Pressco, co-founded a communication company helping to boost sales for various e-commerce products.

Germantas Dikcius

Founder of “Synergy Effect”, a business consulting company that helped a Lithuanian business raise more than 5 million EUR and expand their business operations abroad. Also worked in various NGOs and helped them to turn into social enterprises.

Povilas Kuklys

Math graduate and computer enthusiast since childhood, Povilas is interested in the latest technology trends, including cryptocurrency. Povilas serves as CTO at Pressco, managing several programmers and overseeing the entire IT infrastructure.

Tekle Ula Puzauskaite
Creative Designer

Creative mind, Tekle has been actively drawing since childhood. Loves art and hipster culture. At Pressco, Tekle is a creative manager responsible for all design output on clothing.

Mantas Skirman
Production Manager

The guy behind all of Pressco’s manufacturing, Mantas is the one who manages all machinery and printing. His engineering background helped him optimize the company’s manufacturing processes and lead the production team.

Marie-Line Deleye
Community Manager

Customer relations pioneer who maintains perfect relationship with our end clients. “The best way to measure your success is how many returning customers you have” – which perfectly describes Marie-Line’s work philosophy.

Beatrice Ceizariene
Clothing Designer

Style and fashion are the best words to describe Beatrice. From formerly holding a position at Thermowave, one of the largest sports clothing manufacturers in Lithuania, to also working with various smaller brands, Beatrice has designed and constructed custom clothing lines for years and brings exceptional experience to Pressco.

Ervinas Janavicius

Consulting and business development professional with a demonstrated track record in e-commerce, fintech and supply chain industries in the UK and US. Ervinas is currently leading Pressco expansion to the US.

Mikas Stankevicius

Digital advertising professional with five years of experience in implementing and leading data driven campaigns, Currently devoting a great deal of his time to researching blockchain adoption in established companies.


Soon to be announced

Pressco start-up advisor is soon to be announced. Stay tuned.

Joe Russo

Joe Russo is the founder of J&R Marketing, a US-based digital marketing agency and successful consultant to venture-backed startups. He has over 9 years of experience leading supply chain, business development, and operational processes and teams. He is formally the Director of Production with Teespring, a custom apparel just-in-time model crowd-funded platform with investments from Khosla Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz.

Tomas Draksas
Blockchain Advisor

Is a co-founder of Edgeless casino platform. It’s the first decentralized and ethereum-based online casino offering 0% house edge games. In early 2017, Edgeless issued its own ethereum-based token called “EDG” through an ICO process. EDG is a service-based cryptocurrency used to access Edgeless casino games, and it’s among the top 100 cryptocurrencies. Additionally, all EDG tokens are actively traded on a cryptocurrency exchange, giving valuation to the whole Edgeless company of more than 50 million USD.