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Why are you doing a token purchase/burning after only six months?

Due to the fact that our token models are absolutely new to the world and there are no proper regulations in place, it will take some time to set a proper legal structure for our model.

Additionally, Pressco is still in the early stages of a start-up and will not generate massive profits in the upcoming 6 months.

Aren't you afraid of SeC or governments trying to regulate ICOs?

Aren't you afraid of a SeC, or governments trying to regulate ICOs? Access to capital through the blockchain is one of the greatest things that has happened to our economy. Now every entrepreneur who creates value and is not in Silicon Valley can fund the next step of their venture.

We do believe governments/ regulators understand how important this is for the world’s economy. We believe that in a relatively short time, the ICO model will be fully legalized and supported by the governments/exchanges.

If you believe that ICO has no value in the economy and that SeC/governments will hunt down all of it, then please do not invest.

I want to have my own e-shop. What should I do?

The Pressco team will analyze your community and prepare high-converting product designs with your branding. After your approval, your fresh e-shop will be up and running in about one day, with all payments and products set in place. Depending on your number of followers and their level of engagement, the Pressco digital marketing team will shape and execute a marketing strategy for your new e-shop so it reaches its maximum potential.

Is it free?

At this stage, in order to build our client base, Pressco is providing the services mentioned above free of charge.

Does Pressco provide any additional services?

We take care of customer support, handle inbound queries and give insight on how to increase sales.

Approximately how long does it take to start selling with Pressco?

Assuming the client provides their branding and feedback immediately, you will start selling within 2-3 days.